Our all-rounder Varius is perfectly suited for a profitable wash business and will not disappoint with its high performance systems.

With the highly variable upgrades and accessories you can customize your Varius exactly to your specific needs. The attractive exterior design with its optional pictogram display will give your location an individual touch and is great for advertisement.

The highlight of this machine is the contouring and self-adjusting roof dryer that always uses the ideal drying angle. The system is electronically controlled and always monitored by light barriers to avoid any collisions between dryer and car.

The C163 Varius is targeted towards owners that are selling their washes like petrol stations, car dealers and repair shops.

Available Technologies

Below are the standard features.

  • Active Foam
  • HP Prewash
  • Foam wax
  • Under-Chassis wash
  • Tire High Pressure
  • Vario Touch
  • Program Display
  • Opti-Contour Dryer
  • Jointed Brush
  • Opti-Air Dryer
  • Protect Shine Express

Varius Video