The Quantus C165 5-brush machine is the work horse of the Christ machines. Developed for locations with high volumes but limited space it can reach a surprisingly high capacity while fitting in a 10m hall.

In combination with the Vitesse High Pressure Option a volume of 16 cars per hour can be reached with a normal wash program. The drying system has been upgraded to keep up with the high speed and has 1.6 kW more power than a standard Christ dryer.

If this is still not fast enough, a special “Speed” option is available that will HP prewash, brush-wash and dry a car in under 2.5 minutes. Your local Christ partner will be happy to discuss the different options for programs with you, they are already included in the sales price of the machine.

The Quantus is targeted towards locations with a high volume and limited space and is the ideal upgrade if your current machine can’t keep up with the demand.

Available Technologies

Below are the standard features.

  • Active Foam
  • HP Prewash
  • Foam wax
  • Under-Chassis wash
  • Tire High Pressure
  • Vario Touch
  • Program Display
  • Opti-Contour Dryer
  • Jointed Brush
  • Opti-Air Dryer
  • Protect Shine Express
  • Vitesse Option

Quantus Video