If you were to ask which features are available for the Primus the answer would be very simple:
All of them!

As the flagship of the Christ product range the Primus has a lot to offer: Besides standard features like cross over wash, computer controlled brush pressure and contouring dryer the Primus is equipped with the newest revolution in car wash system, the Direct Drive. This innovative motor system does not need any gearboxes and is able to change the speed of the brush at the blink of an eye. It is controlled by specially developed frequency converters and opens up a whole dimension of new wash programs.

In addition to the Direct Drive the major strong suit of the Primus is the unique drying concept with contouring roof dryers, tilting side dryers and the AddDry option for high vehicles. These features will give you simply the best drying result that is currently available.

All common brush materials are of course available, so you can equip your machine with PE, Sensofil, Senotex or Sensomix.

The Primus is targeted towards operators with high end clientele or high end petrol stations.

Available Technologies

Below are the standard features.

  • Active Foam
  • HP Prewash
  • Foam wax
  • Under-Chassis wash
  • Tire High Pressure
  • Vario Touch
  • Program Display
  • Opti-Contour Dryer
  • Jointed Brush
  • Opti-Air Dryer
  • Protect Shine Express
  • Vitesse Option

Primus Video