Vehicle Wash Investment

The professional car wash business in Nigeria is a virtually untapped market. We support our customers with financing and project management as they enter into this lucrative business.

  • German Technology

    When you invest in equipment for your business you want equipment with a long service life. Our wash systems are designed and built by German engineers. The machines are built for maximum longevity due to its robust, galvanized steel construction. The tried and tested drive units as well as exclusive manufacturing quality contribute to the unbeaten reliability.

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  • Funding Model

    Preparing a business plan for an investor or bank requires that you have a good understanding of your market. This knowledge of your business is important to get funding for your business. We provide you with information that you need to build your business plan.

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  • Project Management

    From site assessment to equipment installation, we are here to make your business a reality. We can liase with your architect and engineers during the planning and execution stages of your project.

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  • Income

    There are many cars to wash in Nigeria and you are guaranteed a ready supply of customers. From basic wash to premium wash options, you can price your car wash business to maximize your profits.

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