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  • Professional vs Hand Wash

    Hand washing with local detergents do not protect car paint. Inadequate rinse-off also damages car paint. The wash cloth or foam used during hand wash inevitably contains bits of grit and sand that cause micro scratches on car paint. Professional car wash systems use biodegradable and non-corrosive shampoos, conditioners and special brushes to protect your car paint.

    Advantage #1
  • Paint Protection

    Car wash systems use high-pressure nozzles, foam guns and microfibre cloths, polishers and waxes that with regular application, will protect car paint from sun damage.

    Advantage #2
  • Rust Inhibition

    Road dirt and salt that accumulates under the vehicle can cause major body damage. The high pressure under-carriage wash used by professional car wash systems removes road salt and can also spray on rust inhibitors.

    Advantage #3
  • Time Savings

    Car wash systems will take only 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Whereas hand washing, even rushed, will take between 20 minutes to an hour.

    Advantage #4
  • Water Conservation

    Professional car wash can conserve water usage. With water reclaim systems, car wash systems can recycle wash water and reuse many times over.

    In comparison, water used during an 8 minute shower, a bath or cloth washing can be more than that used by car wash systems.

    Advantage #5
  • Good Car Wash maintains Car’s Value

    Preserving the finish of a car adds years of life to the car’s appearance and increases second-hand value. Faded paint work can reduce resale value of a car by 10 - 20 %.

    Advantage #6


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