About Sparrows CWS

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About Us

Sparrows Car Wash Systems is an independent vehicle wash equipment provider based in Lagos, Nigeria with operations across Nigeria. We have a strong portfolio of innovative wash system technologies provided by our Supplier.

Our relationship with our supplier allows us to be responsive to our customer's needs through "fit-for-purpose" solutions.


Our mission is the advancement of vehicle wash systems and services that creates a better society as a result of partnerships with our customers.


To be the national leader in vehicle wash systems and a company that is always a model to benchmark by its Excellence of Operations.

Core Values

1. Credibility
2. Customer Satisfaction
3. Quality of Work
4. Professionalism
5. Transparency
6. Collaboration and Partnership

About Our Supplier

Since 1963, Otto Christ (pronounced, "Krist", as in Chris) AG has been one of the leading manufacturers of car wash units in Europe. The company offers a wide array of products, ranging from roll-over wash units, wash tunnels, tram and train wash units, polishing units, truck and bus wash units, self-service wash parks to water recycling systems. A complete line of accessory equipment: vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, advertising agents, magnet card readers, as well as, car wash and care products are also produced in their factory in Memmingen (Germany).

Otto Christ AG has remained one of the leading manufacturers of car wash systems in Europe. They possess the most efficient product program as well as the most advanced technology in the vehicle wash market. Through intensive research, development work, as well as continuous quality controls, Otto Christ AG aims to continuously innovate and develop the new products. Approximately 49% of the equipment is exported.

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